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Writerie in 2020 and a look into the future

In the last eight months since we released Writerie to the public a lot has happened. Hundreds of users tried out Writerie and many are using it on a weekly basis. We have received a lot of feedback in the last months, mostly positive, but also many bug reports, feature requests and general feedback. Every feedback helps a lot, so keep them coming!

On the technical site we made thousands of commits and hundreds of pull requests to update and improve Writerie. Some of the big features we shipped were Categories, Comments, Text to Speech, and Custom fonts. We also fixed many bugs, improved the performance and usability and tried to improve Writerie step-by-step.

# Writerie in 2021

You might have noticed that our last changelog was published in November, since then and for the upcoming months we plan to only release bug fixes because we have big plans for 2021.

We could continue our current approach and release new features on a monthly basis, but we feel that we better have few features which work really well instead of lots of features nobody wants to use.

You may know this car designed by Homer Simpson, it had all the features, but was more or less unusable.

A green car driven by Homer Simpson.

When we started Writerie we wanted to be the best writer out there. We are not there yet and want to change this. That's why we will do a complete rebuild to improve the user experience and make Writerie the best tool to write.

We can't wait to share the new Writerie with you in 2021.

Stay healthy and keep writing!