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Let me read that out loud for you

When writing, it is often really helpful to read the text loud to yourself to get a feeling for it. In Writerie we have something for you to make this easier – Read out loud!

# Hear the text

If you browser supports Text to Speech (All modern browser do), you will see the headphone icon in the bottom left corner when you have the editor open.

headphone icon

Once clicking on the icon, you will hear your text. You can also pause and resume any time.

# Adjust the output

That's already great, but there is more.

Select box to choose voice and slider to adjust volume

After activating read out loud you will see options to adjust the output. You can choose which voice should be used and you can also adjust the volume.

Try it out, you probably will find some phrases you want to rewrite after hearing them.

Happy writing and happy listening!