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Using tables

This week you will learn all about tables and how to use them in Writerie.

# Create a table

To create a table in the WYSIWYG Editor, choose table in the floating menu (which appears every time you enter a new line).

Table icon

If you prefer to use Markdown mode, the syntax is as follows:

| Book                   | Author       |
| -----------------------|--------------|
| Pride and Prejudice    | Austen, Jane |
| To Kill a Mockingbird  | Harper Lee   |


# Modify

Like any other text you can change every text in a table, however you like. You can also add new rows or columns, remove rows or columns, combine cells or delete the whole table.

If you use the WYSIWYG mode this can all be done via the menu bubble (which appears every time you mark text).

Table menu

In Markdown you need to change the syntax to achieve that. If you are unfamiliar (like we at Writerie are still sometimes), you may want to temporarily change to WYSIWYG mode while working on a table to get a user interface. You can switch back any time once this is done.

Happy Writing!