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Creating and managing to-do lists

The first tip I want to share with you, is how to work with to-do lists in Writerie.

# Create

You can add a new to-do list with the Rich Text Editor (WYSIWG mode) or also via Markdown. In the WYSIWG Mode you can simple choose to-do list when entering a new line, or you can also mark some text and convert it to a to-do List via the editor menu.

Menu showing the new to-do button

In Markdown mode you can use the following syntax:

* [ ] My first to-do item

# Manage

To mark a to-do item as done you can click on it in the WYSIWG mode to mark the item as done or as open.

Two to-do items, the first one open, the second one marked as done

In Markdown mode you can toggle the status this way:

* [x] The x between the square brackets marks an item as done

* [ ] Second item still open 

# Export

When it is time to export your document with to-do`s you can decide if the to-do items should be included in the export or not.

This is really helpful if you use to-do items for an article to see what needs to be done before it is ready for publishing. By choosing to not include the to-do lists, you can keePp them in the editor, but don't have them in the exported PDF, HTML and Markdown.

Settings with the option to include/exclude to-do lists in export

Now it is time to add your first to-do item and give it a try. Enjoy.